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April 2022 Reading Log

cover of a children's picture book called "Seaside Maths" from my friends' library
me and who

Realizing belatedly that I could have called my "leaving Twitter" post "Qwitter". A friend also suggested "Tweep No More". I suppose this feeling is ex-tweet de l'escalier.

(Also realizing that I might have accidentally sacrificed a portion of this list to the Website Maintenance deities. Whoops!)

Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold Lobel
The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher by Beatrix Potter
Bread and Jam for Frances by Russell Hoban, ill. Lillian Hoban
[you get the idea: a bunch more children's picture books, out loud, to children of my acquaintance]
"The Stars We Raised"/"逃跑星辰" by Xiu Xinyu/修新羽, translated by Judy Yi Zhou/周易, in The Way Spring Arrives and Other Stories, eds. Yu Chen and Regina Kanyu Wang (Tordotcom Publishing)
"The Tale of Wude’s Heavenly Tribulation"/"五德渡劫记" by Count E/E 伯爵, translated by Mel “etvolare” Lee (ibid.)
"What Does the Fox Say?"/"狐狸说什么?" by Xia Jia/夏笳 (ibid.)
"Blackbird"/"黑鸟" by Shen Dacheng/沈大成, translated by Cara Healey/贺可嘉 (ibid.)
[redacted — novelette, client work, 15k words]
[redacted — novel, client work, 115k words]

a hardcover copy of THE WAY SPRING ARRIVES AND OTHER STORIES positioned next to a planter full of daffodils, positioned in such a way that it looks like the flowers are reading the front cover

"Finally, Some Career Advice" by Natalie Shapero
"Bless My Nameless Hour" by Matthew Rohrer (via Pome)
"Meditations in an Emergency" by Frank O'Hara
"Message Clear" by Edwin Morgan (via @scotlit on Twitter)
"Eranna to Sappho" by Rainer Maria Rilke (tr. Edward Snow)
"Goodtime Jesus" by James Tate (via Christopher DeWeese on Twitter)

"Sorkin's Women" by Madeline Lane-McKinley (Blindfield Journal)
"A Cosmos Indoors: My Kingdom for a Mint Cracknel" by Andrew O'Hagan (London Review of Books)
"Phương Tâm, Sixties Star of Vietnam Surf Rock, Reclaims Her Legacy at 77" by Christine Nguyen (KQED)
"Who are the swaying Kiwi Brothers?" by Dan Taipua (The Spinoff)
"Shouts & Murmurs: What If Someone From 1850 Had a Phone" by Dan Brooks (Gawker) (worth it for the line "a frustrating parody of what I am looking for, the way tennis players are mad at pickleball", though that is a BOLD choice of stone to launch from New Gawker's glass house)
"Celebrating 4/20 When You Hate Being High" by Lizzie Plaugic and Kaitlyn Tiffany (The Atlantic)

"Disney’s special district tells investors state can’t dissolve it without paying debt" by Mary Ellen Klas (Miami Herald)